1. Tailor-made solutions for large plants & trees. But you can also choose the details that matter: lighting, irrigation, raised bottom, tree anchoring points, variable border width, insulation, wheels, anti-grafitti treatment, … and even laser / logo lettering.

2. Stainless & corten steel with Belgian craftsmanship. With extra reinforcement and professional design, our products are frost resistant and durable, interior and exterior.

3. Any RAL color is possible thanks to our premium materials. Natural or colorful, matte or high-gloss.

4. Also fire plates, herbs & vegetables containers, pedestals, outdoor trollies and much more.

The one and only, original design.

Plant breeder Filip Engels was looking for vast planters for his meticulously grown trees and solitary shrubs, as well as columns for his masterpieces from the nursery.
Since he could not find anything to his liking, he started making his own products. He established WALFiLii in 2007.

architecture & garden design.

Architects, garden designers and project developers have embraced the greatness of WALFiLii. We offer them the ingredients to upgrade internal, external and public spaces. WALFiLii designs items that seamlessly connect to the bigger picture and add an element of architectural elegance to any environment. WALFiLii adorns private gardens and terraces, as well as high-end commercial buildings and companies.