A couple of weeks ago we were asked to extend a garden up to their roof. Together with the architect, we decided to implement many different materials and position them in the most organic and natural way possible. Several large WALFiLii planters would be used to create more privacy and sense of nature. Ecology and sustainability would be a central topic throughout this project.

After preparing the roof (cleaning the coverage and placing foil), tiles were placed on special tile holders to level the terrace and ensure water would flow properly beneath the terrace instead of on it. Eventually we also had to extend the drain pipes to avoid any water coming from the roof.

There were some challenges that needed to be solved first:

  • All materials, planters and equipment had to be lifted over the house .
  • Weight limitations were solved by using moisture absorbing plates and glass pearls in each planter and by using an effective drainage system.
  • Sustainability of the whole eco-system was necessary so we installed an automatic drip irrigation system as well.

Our handmade signature cortensteel borders create a beautiful divison between the terrace and the plants. It’s been intensive to bend every border into the right shape but the result is definitely worth it. After 3 days of very intensive labour, we were extremely happy to see this family to even enjoy their new happy place while we were cleaning up the last things. Now they can feel on a holiday any day of the week!

Let’s get in touch to find out what we can do for each other. Feel free to visit us, you are always welcome for a cup of coffee!

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