In an economy where mass-production methods have become the standard, WALFiLii distinguishes itself with discrete luxury and a great respect for handmade products. We are not merely a planter manufacturer as might be imagined at first glance. Those with an eye for aesthetics will immediately recognize the fine blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern creativity.

WALFiLii neither absorbs nor copies trends. We set standards. And we unite artistry and design – an approach that pays off and resonates globally. Our planters, fire plates and pedestals in stainless steel and corten steel are sought-after for their sober, quirky and contemporary look – a much-welcomed breath of fresh air.

We remain true to exclusivity, craftsmanship and personal contact. And we always aim higher for those who appreciate genuine quality. We simply love challenges and we rise to the occasion to offer you relevant luxury in times of boring uniformity.


Architects, garden designers and property developers have embraced the grandeur of WALFiLii. We offer them the ingredients to upgrade interior, exterior and public spaces: sustainable products, customization, XXL sizes to add character, prestige and colour. Botanic Textures features playful planters in enticing colours, assembled by a team of designers and trend watchers.

Far more than a planter manufacturer, WALFiLii is the premier creator of ambience. We engage in your creative process. And we design items that seamlessly integrate with the bigger picture and add an element of architectural elegance to any environment. Do not settle for mass-produced off-the-rack products. Opt for dazzling WALFiLii custom design instead

Filip Engels, CEO of WALFiLii