WALFiLii in collab with Pascale Naessens


Culinary experience surrounded by WALFiLii green.

Healthy AND delicious, that’s what Pascale Naessens stands for. And preferably in good company of course. “Pascale & guests” event treats her guests with a bunch of goodies, spread all over the different festive locations at the domain: Wolvenbos.  From delicious fingerfood to surprising desserts. Or indulge yourself in the “all day experience”, including a great lunch made by the philosophy of Pascale Naessens?

WALFiLii unites craftmanship with design in their broad range of planters, fire plates and other decorative elements for the garden. With our sober, smart and contemporary look, we are truely original between mass production.

That’s why WALFiLii fits perfectly in this enchanting event.


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